Physics Modeling Workshops

Science Modeling is a structured inquiry approach to high school science teaching that incorporates computer technology and insights from science education research. Emphasis is placed on the use of basic models and modeling in the discipline. Participants develop skills in fostering scientific discourse and presentation and in assessment of student learning. Unlike the traditional approach, in which students wade through an endless stream of seemingly unrelated topics, the Modeling Method organizes the course around a small number of scientific models, thus making the course coherent. The Modeling Method of High School Science Instruction has been under development at Arizona State University for decades under the leadership of David Hestenes. It is recognized as an exemplar K-12 Science program by the U.S. Department of Education.

Science Modeling Workshops are intensive courses with these goals:

  • To prepare teachers to use a model-centered, constructivist method of teaching
  • To integrate computer courseware effectively into the science curriculum.
  • To establish network support and a learning community among teachers.
  • To help teachers make better use of national resources for science education.
  • To strengthen local institutional support for teachers as school leaders in disseminating standards-based reform in science education.

For more information, contact Laird Kramer.