HHMI Collaborative for Institutionalizing Scientific Learning

The Collaborative for Institutionalizing Scientific Learning is a $1.5M grant with the goal to establish an institutional culture to support the use of evidence-based teaching practices across science and mathematics courses, thus improving STEM student retention and success. To achieve this goal, this project focuses on four interacting objectives: (1) Create a support structure to expand the number of science and mathematics faculty utilizing evidence-based strategies; (2) integrate effective measures of classroom learning into all science and mathematics courses; (3) solidify a culture of evidence-based instructional strategies across the institution; and (4) develop and deploy a research framework for analyzing institutional change in STEM education.

  • Focus: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math faculty members and Departments
  • Funder: Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Team: Laird Kramer (Principal Investigator), Marcy Kravec (Co-Director), Department of Biological Sciences; Kelly Rein (Co-Director), Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Geoff Potvin (Co-Director), Department of Physics; Julian Edward (Co-Director), Department of Mathematics and Statistics; Rocio Benabentos
  • Amount: $1.5M
  • Contact: Rocio Benabentos (rbenaben@fiu.edu), STEM Transformation Institute
  • Website:  fiulearn.fiu.edu/dber/hhmi-faculty-scholar-program