HHMI Collaborative: Community for Faculty Development

In collaboration with 5 HHMI Science Education institutions (i.e. Drexel University, Emory University, University of Maryland – College Park, and University of Kentucky), this grant aims to establish continued research and scholarship partnerships between HHMI Science Education institutions, with the aim of identifying promising practices and common barriers in faculty implementation of evidence-based strategies. We conducted a large-scale survey study of STEM faculty in over 60 research-intensive institutions (with and without HHMI Science Education grants), to increase our understanding of STEM instructional practices and faculty support structures. We have used these data for developing collaborative research projects between HHMI institutions and advancing our understanding of the barriers and opportunities of faculty adoption of evidence-based strategies.

  • Focus: STEM faculty at HHMI Science Education Universities and research-intensive institutions
  • Funder: Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Award Amount: $100,000.00
  • Team: Laird Kramer (Principal Investigator), Donna Murasko (Co-PI), Drexel University; Pat Marsteller (Co-PI), Emory University; Kaci Thompson (Co-PI) , University of Maryland – College Park; Vince Cassone (Co-PI), University of Kentucky; Geoff Potvin, Zahra Hazari, Rocio Benabentos.
  • Contact: Rocio Benabentos (rbenaben@fiu.edu), STEM Transformation Institute