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Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Graduate Students

  • Mohsen Taheri

    Mohsen Taheri

    School of Computing and Information Sciences

  • Feng Li

    Feng Li

    School of Education and Human Development

  • Jessica Bartley

    Jessica Bartley

    Department of Physics

    Jessica is a sixth-year graduate student in the Department of Physics at Florida International University, working as a researcher in both the Physics Education Research Group and Neuroinformatics and Brain Connectivity Laboratory. She previously earned a Masters in Physics from FIU and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Physics and Math at the University of Colorado (Boulder, CO) where she completed a thesis in physics education research. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on understanding the neural mechanism involved in student physics learning. This NSF-funded project uses functional magnetic resonance imaging to identify brain networks engaged during physics reasoning. Jessica is ultimately interested in applying this interdisciplinary neuroimaging and education research towards developing a better understanding of how learning environments impact the neural development of students’ brain networks.

  • Susie Cohen

    Susie Cohen

    Department of Teaching and Learning

    Susie Cohen is a third year PhD student within the School of Education, specializing in Science Education. Prior to attending FIU, Susie was an elementary/middle school science teacher/coordinator and served as an adjunct professor at two different universities. Susie works with Zahra Hazari and her interests include elementary/middle school girls’ science experiences and the relationship to STEM career choice. In the future, Susie hopes to continue with science education research, focusing on factors contributing to women’s participation in STEM fields.

  • Jonathan Mahadeo

    Jonathan Mahadeo

    Department of Physics

    During his undergraduate career Jonathan Mahadeo and his co-authors carved out publications in physics education. His undergraduate research spanned Force Concept Inventory Scores, Epistemic Games, and Multiple Representations. As a graduate student with FIU’s college of education and STEM Transformation Institute, Jonathan’s research now focuses on uncovering students’ computing identity or how students’ see themselves as “computer people”. Long-term, he hopes to make significant discoveries about the sub-constructs behind computing identity, their temporal nature, and effects on student STEM career pursuits.

    Ongoing research can be found at Jonathan’s

    Other social media outlets include: YouTube, Twitter, and Linkedin.

  • Daryl McPadden

    Daryl McPadden

    Department of Physics

    Daryl McPadden is a physics Ph.D. student working with Dr. Eric Brewe and the Physics Education Research group at FIU. She received her B.S. in Engineering Physics from Colorado School of Mines in 2013, where she worked as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for three years. Her work as a TA lead her to PER and a strong interest in reformed-based curricula. In addition to revising and developing the Modeling Instruction – Introductory Electricity and Magnetism course, Daryl work has focused on students’ uses of representations in the Modeling Instruction courses.

  • Miguel Rodriguez

    Miguel Rodriguez

    Department of Physics

    Miguel Rodriguez is currently a PhD student expecting to finish in Spring 2019. He works under Geoff Potvin and has been at Florida International University since Fall 2016. His research interests are related to group learning and how collaborative learning effects student cognition, perception, and physics identity. Prior to FIU, he completed his Master's at the University of Oklahoma. Besides research he enjoys dancing and good conversation.

Undergraduate Students & Research Assistants

By Mentor

  • Rocio Benabentos
    • Clark Brinson 
    • Claudia Barnett
    • Nicole Rojas
    • Natalie Brunelle
    • Maurizio Porco
  • Justin Carmel
    • Grace Leon-Lozano
    • Edian Villar
    • Andrew Casanova
    • John Vihlen
    • George O’Dell
    • Fritznie Joseph
  • Kathleen Quardokus Fisher
    • Logan Saucer
    • Oriana Calagna
  • Geoff Potvin
    • Michelle Layana
    • Abigail Martinez
    • Michael De Freitas
    • Megan Molina
    • Camila Monsalve
  • Idaykis Rodriguez
    • Anabel Sanchez
    • Jose Lima
  • FIUteach
    • Yasmine O'Neal
    • Christian Saint-Louis Solages
    • Sheila Castro
    • Sallam Jadon
    • Jhonatan Mateus
    • Lacey Simpson
    • Sebastian Jimenez Chica
    • Amanda Hernandez
    • Mariajesus Cordova
    • Kevin Castillo
    • Diana Pineda
  • Sonia Underwood
    • Laura Santiago Caobi
    • Brittney Pardinas 
    • Anthony Farias 
    • Chavelys Hernandez
    • Amy Volero
  • Melissa McCartney
    • Marie Janelle Tacloban
    • Chazman Childers
    • Zylemy Morales
    • Andres Arnavat
  • Monique Ross
    • Kiran Brahmatewari
    • Salvador Ricardo
    • Cameron Green
    • Atalie Garcia
    • Sanique ebanks
    • Dorant Smith
    • Christian Saint-Louis Solages
    • David Andrade
    • Jennifer Artiles
    • Tidjan Simpson
    • Jasmine Batten
    • Jose Mercado
    • Raymond Chang Lau