Faculty Fellow Program

Our Faculty Fellows form the core membership that drive the Institute’s future, directly benefit from the Institute’s activities, and commit to furthering the Institute’s mission. Fellows are appointed to three-year, renewable terms.

Benefits for Fellows

  • Eligibility to apply for STEM Institute Seed Funding targeting proposal development, pilot research studies, and/or course innovations. Funding may include salary, travel, and/or supplies
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration for research and evidence-based STEM instruction at FIU
  • Opportunities for external government and foundation funding
  • New STEM education and/or outreach projects
  • Enhanced education outreach components for existing / future projects
  • Facilitation of STEM course transformation (design, assessment, and dissemination)
  • Opportunities for external collaborative STEM education research, instruction, and outreach with universities, K12 systems, and informal STEM networks
  • Recognition and dissemination of your STEM education accomplishments

Fellow Events

Fellows are expected to participate in at least two of the following activities:

  • Collaborate in innovative STEM education research
  • Implement evidence-based instructional approaches in STEM course(s)
  • Prepare STEM education and/or education-enhanced proposals
  • Participate in STEM Transformation Institute Symposia, Conference and Workshop events
  • Attend Disciplined-Based Education Research Meetings
  • Disseminate STEM education findings (research, teaching, outreach)
  • Provide and/or analyze data for STEM education research
  • Provide other Fellows with feedback on research, proposals and/or instructional methods

For other questions contact Laird Kramer or Rocio Benabentos.

Faculty Fellows