Michigan Master Teacher Fellows Program

This Track 3 Noyce project, Michigan Master Teacher Program (MTP), will investigate a potentially scalable approach that aims to increase the leadership abilities of middle school STEM teachers in their schools, districts, and state. The project will include academic training, as well as sustained professional learning, leadership development, and professional networking experiences. The project aims to reverse the well-documented trend of U.S. student achievement in STEM falling behind that of other industrialized nations. MTP will prepare a cadre of 20 middle school STEM teachers, selected for their potential to lead local and statewide STEM education reform efforts. MTP may serve as a model for other national efforts because it has the potential to produce a self-sustaining professional learning network consisting of teachers who can carry the project forward with little external aid.

The project uniquely builds on an established statewide network of reform-focused individuals and organizations that are part of the Michigan Science Teaching and Assessment Reform (Mi-STAR) program. MTP will focus on the middle school level and emphasize applications of science and to real-world problems that are relevant to students and their families in Michigan.

  • Focus: K-12 Students and Teachers
  • Funder: Robert Noyce Scholarship Pgm
  • Team: Jacqueline Huntoon jeh@mtu.edu (Principal Investigator), Kedmon Hungwe (Co-Principal Investigator), Shari Stockero (Co-Principal Investigator), Joshua Ellis (Co-Principal Investigator), Amanda Gonczi (Co-Principal Investigator)
  • Award Number: 1758392
  • Contact:jellis@fiu.edu