CREST Center for Aquatic Chemistry and the Environment

With National Science Foundation support, Florida International University will establish the Center for Aquatic Chemistry and the Environment. Human-derived environmental contaminants consist of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals, mercury, black carbon, and fossil fuels. These stressors are recognized as having significant effects on ecosystems and biota as well as on human wellbeing. It is critical to understand the biogeochemical processes that govern the fate of these compounds and their impacts on the ecosystem.

Center for Aquatic Chemistry and the Environment research will address the sources, transport, transformation and ecosystem responses to contaminants, pollutants and other natural stressors, under changing land-use and environmental conditions. The Center for Aquatic Chemistry and the Environment will generate significant new knowledge regarding contaminants and pollutants in aquatic environments, as well as produce innovative methodologies for detecting and assessing contaminant quantities and impacts, including the use of molecular detection techniques. The proposed research will advance current efforts on the biological effects, transport, transformation and distribution of contaminants in the environment into new collaborative research areas that investigate the sources and transport of contaminants and pollutants in aquatic systems.

  • Focus: Undergraduate and Graduate students
  • Funder: National Science Foundation
  • Team: Todd Crowl (Principal Investigator), Rene Price (Co-Principal Investigator), Laird Kramer (Co-Principal Investigator), Shu-Ching Chen (Co-Principal Investigator), Piero Gardinali (Co-Principal Investigator), Rudolf Jaffe (Former Co-Principal Investigator)
  • Award Number: 1547798
  • Amount: $2,099,985.00
  • Contact: Laird Kramer (, Department of Physics
  • Website: