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Institutional Transformation

The STEM Transformation Institute advances Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education research by facilitating the adoption of evidence-based teaching and learning practices across campus. The Institute positions FIU as a living laboratory for developing future STEM professionals, especially those from statistically underrepresented groups.

FIU has provided strong administrative support to promote evidence-based instructional strategies. The campus currently has dedicated 13 new active learning classrooms, ranging in size from 48 to 270, with a total student capacity of 1,076.

Core Strategies


Learning Assistant and Faculty Scholar Programs

The Institute operates the undergraduate Learning Assistant (LA) and Faculty Scholar programs to foster implementation of active learning. Faculty have implemented active learning instruction in multiple STEM disciplines leading to increased student success and retention. Modeling physics instruction and the Mastery Math Lab are examples of student-centered pedagogical strategies implemented at FIU.  

Learn about the Learning Assistant Program

Mastery Math Program

Through active learning and the Mastery Math Lab, FIU’s College Algebra courses have been transformed and pass rates have increased dramatically across the college. Learning Assistants (LAs) serve a vital role in the Math Mastery Lab, which serve developmental math courses. The Mastery Math Labs are computer labs where students can work on course materials, do homework, take quizzes and tests, and receive help from faculty and LAs. 

Explore the Mastery Math program

Undergraduate STEM Course Transformation

Our faculty are transforming instructional practices across disciplines to include strategies that improve student learning and success for students of all backgrounds.

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Improved Success in Modeling Instruction

Modeling courses have proven to show higher success rates than traditional lecture courses.

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Active Learning Classrooms

FIU has 13 state-of- the-art classrooms recently built and designed to house active learning at a financially sustainable scale, with the goal of meeting active learning initiatives