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Training & Education

The STEM Transformation Institute is committed to improving instructional practices across the full spectrum of STEM education. We house several programs for supporting K-12 teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, posdoctoral researchers and university faculty – with the goal of increasing the success and persistence of students in STEM fields.

For more information on graduate and postdoctoral research opportunties at the STEM Transformation Institute, please visit

K-12 Support Programs

The STEM Transformation Institute is dedicated to improving STEM education in K-12 by providing support to future and current teachers.

Learn about K-12 support programs

Student Programs

Undergraduate and Graduate students can be involved in academic programs to gain degrees related to STEM education or be involved in promoting student learning.

Learn about programs for undergraduate and graduate students

Faculty Programs

STEM faculty can be involved in STEM Transformation Institute programs to support evidence-based instructional practices

Learn about programs for faculty