Course Transformation

What is course transformation?

Are you thinking about…?
- What should students learn?
- What are student learning?
- Which instructional approaches improve student learning?
- How successfully are we educating?

Chasteen & Wieman (see ref. below) suggest using these questions as guidance for changing course instruction. With student learning and understanding in mind, they provide a framework that includes central features of course transformation: Scope of transformation, course and topic-level learning goals, document student thinking, teaching methods, assessment, archiving materials, planning for sustainability.

Course Transformation Resources

Articles and Guides:

Reaching Students:
What Research Says About Effective Instruction in Undergraduate Science and Engineering (2015). FIU’s Eric Brewe and others discussing instruction that motivates, engages students, and improves their learning.

Chasteen, B. S. V, Perkins, K. K., Beale, P. D., Pollock, S. J., & Wieman, C. E. (n.d.). Course Transformation for the Rest of Us. Link

Course Transformation Guide, Published by the Science Education Initiatives: University of British Columbia (CWSEI) and University of Colorado (CU-SEI). Introduction by Carl Wieman. A guide for instructors interested in transforming a course, and their instruction, to use research-based principles and improve student learning.


- Teaching with Learning Assistants, Pedagogy in Action – the SERC Portal for Educators