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This article in The Atlantic features comments from biology and STEM professor Sarah Eddy.

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FIU physics professors and researchers lead new pilot program to help promote physics as a career path to young women.

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Armed with a National Science Foundation grant, FIU researchers Zahra Hazari, Geoff Potvin and Laird Kramer are leading a pilot program to encourage more women to pursue careers in physics.

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In a study, conducted by FIU post-doctoral researcher Justyna P. Zwolak and alumnus Remy Dou, suggests increasing the interactions among students in introductory science courses may hold the key to increasing the number of STEM graduates.

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The FIUteach program enables STEM students like Blanch to earn both a degree in their major and a teaching certification

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Ophelia Weeks, a biology faculty member and affiliate faculty member of what became the Center for Women's and Gender Studies, has been named president of the University of Liberia.

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Higher education gets a reboot when it comes to math

The first Mastery Math Lab, opened in 2012 with its high-tech, high-touch approach to improving student performance (at the time a mere 30% passing rate for college algebra), has been such a success that a second lab is now open, and today that pass rate hovers in the 70% range.


Interest in science classes is contagious

Excitement is contagious in a science classroom and could lead to greater interest in science careers, according to a new national study led by FIU professors Zahra Hazari and Geoff Potvin.


Diversity Issue of Higher Education ranked FIU STEM degrees among the top producers of minority STEM graduates.

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Many students do not expect to do well in a physics course. Laird Kramer, professor of physics at Florida International University, determines a new approach to increasing student optimism.

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Nov. 8 is national STEM day, something Zahra Hazari knows a lot about. She is trying to recruit at least 10,000 more women to pursue physics degrees in the United States by 2020. It’s an endeavor that would have seemed impossible 30 years ago, a time when no one seemed to care that women were not flocking to careers in STEM — no one except an elite few like Yesim Darici. When she joined FIU in the mid-1980s, Darici became the first female physics professor in the state of Florida.

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