Physics student to meet Nobel Prize winners in Germany

The Cuban-born Panther is the only FIU student granted the opportunity to meet with more than 25 Nobel Prize winners this July.

“I felt super-excited when I found out, are you kidding? I’ve never been to Europe or that side of the world, just the Caribbean,” she said. “This event will benefit my doctoral research and is a great forum to network with other scientists. It’s just a great motivator for me.”

Rodriguez and other invited researchers from around the world will attend presentations and panel discussions. They also will interact with the Nobel Laureates through small group discussions and social programming.

“This is the most incredible opportunity I’ve ever heard of, to meet and be able to talk about your research with living Nobel Prize winners,” said Eric Brewe, assistant professor of science education in the College of Education and Rodriguez’s Ph.D. advisor. “Idaykis is studying something that is very unique and germane to the laureate conference – physics expertise. You can’t find someone to discuss that with that’s more of an expert than a Nobel Laureate.”

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