Join us for the inaugural HHMI Collaborative Project workshop on “Catalyzing Change in STEM Faculty Pedagogical Practice” in Miami on September 22 & 23, 2016!

The purpose of the collaborative workshop is to delve into the results from our large-scale survey of faculty practices, share practices, and develop collaborations between HHMI programs. These discussions will lead to a deeper and unique understanding of change at HHMI funded institutions, as well as build strategic partnerships between programs.

The collaborative workshop is open to faculty and administrators from institutions with HHMI Science Education grants (no registration fee will be charged). Travel will be provided for the lead team member. You may also request travel support for one or two additional colleagues, with funds distributed as available. To be considered for travel support opportunities, please fill out the RSVP registration form by July 22nd.

About the Survey: In a collaboration with 5 HHMI science education programs, we conducted a large-scale survey study of STEM faculty in over 30 institutions with HHMI Science Education grants. The purpose of the survey is to increase our understanding of STEM instructional practices and faculty support structures at institutions, to identify promising practices and barriers to change. During the collaborative meeting, we will discuss the preliminary survey results, identify promising change practices, and build networks across HHMI programs. We will be providing reports of the aggregate data at individual participating institutions, as well as an aggregated average of all institutions as reference. The meeting will be data-driven and we will use the results from survey analysis to lead the meeting discussions. We aim for the workshop to initiate continued research and scholarship.

Session and workshop topics will include: Catalyzing change at the institutional level Faculty instructional practices in STEM disciplines Incentivizing faculty use of evidence-base strategies Formation of synergistic networks across HHMI institutions Models at HHMI institutions

We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues in Miami on September.